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DiXoN provides a performance tailored to a venue or event. DiXoN can make it an intimate guitar with vocals singer/songwriter occasion or bring in a stage performance as the feature performer with a show and song list custom made to your theme. DiXoN’s unique renditions of pop/top40/rock/adult contemporary cover songs have been a renowned success with listeners since his arrival on the South Florida music scene in 2007.  DiXoN has a distinctive talent to take most any song on his repertoire list and perform it to almost any rhythm – pop/funk/hip hop/dance in his Guy with Guitar (GwG) technique. Pick a song from his list as he scrolls through a beat and have him play it to test this skill.

DiXoN is also a singing guitarist with notoriety as an original singer/songwriter. His album ‘In No Time Soon’ is distributed worldwide on Internet radio sites such as iHeart, Itunes , Spotify, Pandora, and also climbs up and down the charts on Internet radio sites such as RadioAirplay (Jango) , but many more as Distributed Internationally by CDbaby .  DiXoN is a member of ASCAP.

DiXoN is a actually noted singer/songwriter stage name for Robert H Clark, an accomplished entertainer originally from Elkhart, Indiana, now a prominent residence of Pembroke Pines, FL, on the outskirts of Metro Miami-Fort Lauderdale in South Florida.

In the recent past Robert honed performance skills while completing a year long 140+ show, 27 country, world tour as a vocalists/self accompanist for the US Air Force’s premiere entertainment team, Tops in Blue   ( Click here for Link to additional press coverage ). In 2017 while deployed to Kuwait, Robert again used his music skills to entertain troops by assembling a band and hosting live music nights on the base as well as providing renditions of the National Anthem at various events. 

Robert brings his Hoosier musician experience to South Florida and also brings promising entertainment value from his original song list in the In No Time Soon soundtrack.  The ten songs strike to the heart of enduring relationships and patriotism.  The title song, “In No Time Soon” additionally placed as an honorable mention in a 2006 Song of the Year Contest .  ( Link to Award )  The song speaks about a long distance relationship during one of Robert’s own military deployments away from his wife.

Robert brings experience to the production of the 2008 In No Time Soon release from his freshman debut album “ Give Them Christ Love”, a compilation of eight original songs released on the Contemporary Christian ‘Creative Workshop’ label in 1991.

Robert joined the Air Force in 1992 and continued promoting his Give Them Christ Love compilation as he started his career as a USAF Weather Observer performing in Montgomery, Alabama, and then making an international representation of his efforts as he separated from Active Duty military in the country of South Korea. He separated from the active duty Air Force in 1996 and actually stayed in Korea as a civilian student.  He was selected to perform on a South Korean TV show, liken to American Idol, singing a Korean Pop song in their own language. He was also featured at Seoul’s Amusement Park, Lotte World, as a foreign up and coming artist. While winning various club/local Korean venue contests while actually singing original songs off his, then future, In No Time Soon song list.  He returned to the US in 1998.

Robert continued his career in the Air Force Reserve at Homestead Air Reserve Base, Florida  and began a career at Bellsouth/ATT from 1999-2005 and then it took an epiphany in 2006 during a deployment to Qatar for the Air Force as a forward deployed command historian for US and Coalition Forces, that he found his way back to performing. He then expedited his way into the local gig circles of S. Florida and took the time to craft his In No Time Soon album, completing it in 2008.

Robert adopted the stage name DiXoN in 2007.  DiXoN has been performing throughout South Florida and across the country in special appearances, as a reputable entertainer for parties, corporate events, weddings, and various military events.  DiXoN has been featured in many military ceremonies with his unmistakable acoustic/folk rendition of the National Anthem .  His selection as a featured vocalist for the 2010 Air Force’s Tops in Blue followed several years of notable performances including a summer tour in 2008 along the east coast appearing in such places to include Savannah, Georgia, Albany & Utica, New York, Hartford, Conn., Norfolk & Virginia Beach, Virginia, promoting his In No Time Soon release. 

He continues his solo performance schedule into another year as he promotes his album In No Time Soon and continues to get accolades for his own singing guitarist (Guy with Guitar) versions of many of today and yesterday’s pop/rock/adult contemporary tunes. He holds his own as a singer/songwriter creating songs from the heart, and enlightening listeners with his soft/sultry tone and rhythms added to many popular cover songs.

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